Our Businesses

Our business has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, but ProActive Physical Therapy & Exercise Center is how our family (and another family) earn a living. So, if you know someone in Fort Collins who needs physical therapy or a supervised exercise program, please send them to ProActive!

ProActive’s physical therapy programs specialize in back, shoulder and knee problems.  Comprehensive programs are also available post-surgery recovery and for various orthopedic injuries as well as balance deficits and physical weakness.

The supervised exercise program involves individual exercise prescriptions to help individuals reach health and functional goals on a monthly membership basis. Emphasis is on circuit strength training and aerobic training using high-quality specialized exercise machines.

Give a call! 970-224-4141 or www.ProActivePTcenter.com


Our other business is Collingwood Writing Services. Specializing in creative writing,  blogging, editing & proofreading, marketing and project management for small businesses.

If you need some creative words written or have a grammar question or two, just let me know. collingwoodwriting  @  gmail.com, 970-449-9479 or on Twitter @WriteColl.


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