Kid Quotes

Gotta record them somewhere, right. The more they say, the more I’ll add to this list…

Most popular Piggy bank in Korea

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Oink broke.” – Sean – age 2, he dropped his ceramic piggy bank on the sidewalk and repeatedly told us about it for 3 months.

“Chowburger is my favorite word.” Sean – age 4.

“Kiting is fun.” Sean – age 3, after we attended the Fort Collins Kite Festival.

“Next time I say, ‘I’m hungry,’ try to go faster, Mom.” Alan – age 5, from the couch.

“Moo eat me knee.” Sean – age 2, we visited the Farm at Lee Martinez Park and a goat licked his knee.

“Shampoo and carrots are my worst things.” Sean – age 4, arguing, as usual.

“Mom, can we plant potato chips in our garden next summer.” Alan – age 5, dreaming.

“Baby Sean poop.” Alan – age 2, who previously hadn’t said more than one word at a time.

“Maybe next time, Daddy.” Teresa – age 2.5, after I explained to her that Daddy couldn’t feed the baby because he didn’t have any milk in his boobs.

“Daddy, you have a tail in front.” Alan – age 3, overheard Alan and his dad in the bathroom having a manly moment.

“I AM HUMBLE.” – Sean – age 6 – after he was released from time out in his bedroom for obnoxious bragging.

“Daddy whack ball run.” Sean – age 2, watching his dad play on his community softball team.

“Can a football player beat a bad guy? Or a Storm Trooper?” Sean – age 3, trying on Halloween costumes.

“I love you more than a tiger.” Sean – age 3, at least I know where I stand.

“I dreamed there was a raccoon in my diaper and he ate my piggy bank.” Sean – age 3, one morning at breakfast.

“I’m sticky from all the humility.” – Teresa – age 9 – on her first trip to Texas on a very humid day.

“Allabody.” Sean – age 3, replaces ‘everybody’ in any sentence.

“Park over.” – Teresa – age 3, used instead of ‘pull the car over so we can park.’

“Sweetie means come here wife.” – Teresa – age 7, talking about the nickname Dad calls Mom.

“I want to be a lover and a dancer when I grow up.” – Alan – age 5, in the middle of a freeze-dance living room fiesta.

“Daddy, you are the best cuz you can toot in a bad guy’s face.” – Sean – age 3 – discussing defending the couch fort.

“I just ate something from the floor and it was really good. Can I have more?” – Sean – age 3 – from under the kitchen table.

“Look, I have goose bumps. That must mean I’m growing.” – Sean – age 3 – somehow connecting completely unrelated things.

“Get the Legos off the table so we can eat.” – says the mom at every single meal.

“Can I marry you, Mom.” – Sean – age 4 – approached me with a googly-eyed-froggy ring and a big smile.

“Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I’m not gonna whine unless something isn’t going my way.” Sean – age 4 on Mother’s Day Eve.

“I want to be a spy when I grow up.” – Alan – age 6 – maybe I shouldn’t put this on the interwebs in case the KGB starts stalking him now.

“I’m blooding.” – Teresa – age 3 – for every little tiny scratch.

“Shampoo is my very worst thing in my entire life.” – Sean – age 6 – screaming from the bathtub.

“Dear God, Please help Mom cook a better dinner tomorrow.” – Sean – age 7 – at dinner.



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