Words I Wish Existed in the English Language

1 – I need a word for the moment when a hot drink reaches the perfect drinking temperature. It needs to be more than a description of the temperature, but the bliss of a hot cocoa drinker after a day of skiing or the hot rush a sleepy caffeine addict aches for.

2 – Ever tried to describe weather when it is both sunning and snowing? There is a word for sun and rain – a rainbow. But nothing for sun and snow. Or maybe this is a weather phenomenon that only happens in Colorado and the rest of the world would never use it.

3 – What about an angry laugh? A horrid, fuming, mean laugh. Like what the bad guy in a movie does before he cuts the rope from which the hero is dangling above the rushing river.

4 – How about a word for the backward way one’s face looks in the mirror when a hairdresser parts the hair on the wrong side. Or maybe ‘evil twin’ would work in this case.

5 – Something to replace ‘new car smell’ – seriously, a three word phrase is the best we can come up with for this chemical pleasure.

6 – Yesterday I was shoveling the driveway wearing short socks and snow boots. Yup, those socks slipped over the edge of my heels and bunched up under my arches. Slipping sock syndrome?

What words do you think would make English better?


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