Writing Class: Assignment 1 – A boy walks into the store

quill-penI started taking a creative writing class. It was offered through our local Recreation Department and I thought it would be a good way to meet some other writers in town as well as learn some new techniques. On the first night, our assignment was to write a story starter based on, “A boy went into the store.” It was interesting to see how different all the ideas came out. And so, here is mine…

A boy walks into the store…

There was nothing to do at home except listen to his baby sister cry. Even the park offered no entertainment on this frigid day where the wind was keeping everyone else inside. Pulling his hat down lower over his ears, he kicked his feet through the dry leaves as he walked past his old abandoned school. That was when the tiniest glimpse of white caught his attention. Curious, he shuffled his feet through the crunchy leaves to spread them around. There it was. A ration ticket. This small white piece of paper was more valuable than gold. Clutching it in his hands his knees nearly buckled with excitement. Since the war started, his family was entitled to one ration ticket per week. It was never enough.

With his mouth watering at the thought of extra bread this week, he ran all the way to the store. He knew the consequences for using fake ration tickets. Just last week his neighbor had been hauled away in the middle of the night for printing his own. But hunger made him desperate. Maybe it would be enough to make the baby stop crying for just a few minutes.

He walked into the store and placed the tattered ration ticket on the counter with fake confidence and then put his hands back deep into his pocket to keep them from shaking. The serious store manager looked the ticket over carefully and then began filling the paper bag with the week’s supply. Bread, mushy apples, potatoes that were already sprouting and limp carrots got packed carefully around a pint of milk.

But just as the boy was reaching for his full bag, he felt a firm adult hand grip his shoulder.


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