Of Mice and Beta Fish

Animals in our house recently have had a rough go of it.

Betta-Fish-1t63qfoFirst the beta fish: His name is Blueberry. He’s a gorgeous iridescent bluish-purplish-greenish. Each week we scoop him out in a cup, place the cup on the counter and clean out the bowl. The entire cleaning process takes about four minutes, but then we leave him in the cup for 30 minutes or so to let the temperature of the new water match his old water. We thought this was a kind gesture. Apparently he grew impatient waiting, because when we came back after a while to pour him from the cup into his new fresh bowl, he had tried to make the leap from cup to bowl on his own and had missed. We found him flat on the counter. There was a wet floppy trail in his wake.

“Ahhh!” I screamed, unable to come up with the words to describe the feeling of finding my childrens’ first pet dead on the counter. There must be one of those long German words for that. Maybe something like Neverevergonnabreathagainova. I guess my scream scared him, because right there on the counter he took one last gasp. My husband scooped him up, dropped him into the clean fresh fish bowl and we all watched him sink to the bottom. He was pale, very pale, but those gills were going like crazy. Trying to catch up on the last 5, 10 or 30 minutes he spent flat on the counter.

A week later, his color has returned and he has been given a new name: T.B. – Tough Blueberry.

mouseNow for the mouse: he’s a ninja, I swear.

Day 1 – We see evidence in the kitchen and set a trap. In the morning, the trap has been sprung and the peanut butter is licked clean.

Day 2 – We set the trap again, but in the morning, it hasn’t been touched. Smart mouse. Wrong brand of peanut butter?

Day 3 – Watching TV in the living room and see a grey dash out of the corner of my eye. We set the trap at the end of the couch and go to sleep. In the morning, the trap is gone. Completely gone. We move the couch, toys, pick up stuffed animals and search. Gone. Later in the afternoon, I spot the trap on the other side of the room under the bookshelf. But there is no mouse in it. Nothing.

Day 4 – I don’t know what to do with a ninja mouse in the house. Open to your advice or empathy stories…


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