Guest Post: Wrongly Incarcerated on Mother’s Day

Rocky Parenting

(This guest post was written by my friend Susan Peterson – thank you for reading – H.C.)

On November 22, the Friday before Thanksgiving, I stumbled upon an article about my dear friend from high school, Dr. Patricia Esparza. It was unthinkable; Patricia was being incarcerated and charged with the murder of a man who raped her when she was 19 years old.  I spent the week writing to sexual assault advocacy groups, the media, friends and politicians—desperate to find anyone that could help. Five months and hundreds of calls, letters and pleas later, Patricia is still incarcerated.

Dr. Patricia Es Dr. Patricia Esparza

On Sunday morning, I will fly to Los Angeles to visit Patricia in jail. When I booked the flight as a leg of a business trip to San Francisco, I had not realized I would be visiting Patricia on Mother’s Day. On the flight there, I will speak to myself…

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