Brotherly Love – Or Something

bounceMy boys are 3 and 5 and if you listen to their words during the day, they sure don’t seem to like each other much. “That is mine. I got it first. I wanted the green plate. Your chair is touching my chair. Stop poking me.” So it goes all day.

As a parent, there are a lot of things I want for my children in the world, but a close and supportive relationship with their siblings is probably in the top five. I hope as they grow into adults they will enjoy each other’s company, help each other and take care of each other when needed.

Listening to them talk now, I don’t feel like we are headed in that direction. But recently, there was an incident in which I learned that when it comes to ‘brotherly love,’ actions truly speak louder than words.

We were spending a cold morning at one of those wonderful germ infested bouncy castle places where kids go crazy and parent let them because that is what inflatable rooms are for. At one point, a bigger boy pushed my 3 year old down and was lying on top of him practicing his karate moves. No one was hurt (yet) so I took a quick look around for a parent (absent of course) and was about to kick off my shoes and dive into the castle myself when my 5 year old sprinted over, grabbed the big boy by the back of the shirt and hurled him across the castle in true WWF fashion. Seriously, Hulk Hogan would have been proud.

Whoa, I thought. Now, what to do? But the bigger boy just jumped along to a different castle and was fine, so I stayed out of it.

And then my 3 year old bounced over to me and said excitedly, “My brother saved me from the mean boy. He was jumping on me and I didn’t like it and my brother saved me.” And that is what true love is all about (if you’re 3 and 5).


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