Publishing News – 2 Short Stories

photo credit: Holly Chaffin

photo credit: Holly Chaffin

Want the truth?

Earning a living as a writer is hard. Writing and submitting and selling and marketing and tweeting and thinking and writing some more… It is a vicious cycle. But in the midst of this cold, snowy winter we all seem to be stuck in there are bits of sunshine. is one of them. Each day they publish wonderful parenting stories on their website and guess what?!? They pay…

So if any of you readers are aspiring writers and parents, go ahead, submit a story to them and see what happens…

Here are two of mine that are live on the Mamalode site right now:

This is Why I Believe in God

Dear Monkey Bars

Hope you enjoy them and feel free to share them if they inspire you. Or what I’m really begging is, just click through and read the stinking things – I get paid by how many people read the stories. And my kids eat a lot 🙂


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