Date night of a different sort

The classic red-and-white Etch A Sketch model

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband and I are having a date tonight. He doesn’t know it yet. But it is going to be great.

After the kids are in bed, we’re going to meet in the living room and purge toys! Thrilling, right?

Currently, the cars are in a traffic jam, the animals are stuffed under the end table, board games are getting bored in the corner, the farms animals are having a disco with the Smurfs and the baby blocks just have to go. We don’t even have a baby in the house any more. And that is just in the north end of the living room.

Farther to the southwest, star wars characters are defending the universe against the evil art supply box that explodes every time someone searches for a green crayon.

I fear we’ll never see our carpet again.

So, tonight, dear hubby. Wear something comfortable, bring a beer or two, and get prepared to purge toys.

The main goal is to reassemble as many complete toys as possible so that I can take them to our local ‘lightly used’ children’s store and sell them. The rest will go to Good Will.

We’ll have to find the 3 from the number puzzle. The round blue block is missing from the shape sorter. Candy Land’s yellow man ran away, probably with the Barrel of Monkeys and I haven’t seen the knobs for the Etch-a-Sketch since Halloween.

I really just want to clean out the things that don’t get used on a regular basis to make more space for their imagination. We might even have to move the couch. This is going to be incredible quality time.

If I don’t write a blog next week, send help. The Barbies got me.


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