Ruby lives again!

In October we sold our trusty and reliable Subaru, Ruby. She had 183,000 miles and had been with me for adventures through 16 years, 2 oceans, 1 husband, 3 kids, 2 countries, 101 camping trips, 2 fender benders, 1 wind blown out windshield, 2 grand prix go kart races, 2 alternators, a check-engine light that was on for 6 years, many snowstorms and more…

Ruby and I – we went there and back!

RubyAnd yesterday, in our effort to clean out the garage on a sunny day before the next snowstorm comes (probably tonight) we found one of her old tires.

As anyone who also drives an all-wheel drive vehicle knows, if you get a sidewall flat tire that can’t be fixed, you have to buy four tires instead of just replacing the flat one because they all have to have the same amount of wear on them for the all-wheel drive to work properly. I had kept the old tire just in case I had a sidewall flat again in the future, this random one might be a fit to replace it. Good or bad, we never had the opportunity. Ruby is with another buyer now and hopefully their adventures are continuing.

DSCN2054So when Andy found the tire in the garage, he asked if we should toss it. I mentioned it would make a good swing in the backyard for the kids. And they were all over it. Combined with an old climbing rope of Andy’s (a hobby he is now done with also), and a lucky cottonwood tree, the tire swing came to be.

While I tried several times to throw the rope up into the tree around the proper branch, we all knew it wouldn’t work. And I ended up climbing the tree to hang it in the right place. And here is the final product! If the snowstorms ever end, this will hopefully proved hours of summer fun.

And the best part is, Ruby still lives on giving us lots of rides.

DSCN2056UPDATE: Here is our tire swing in today’s 12 inches of snow on May 1.


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