Bring on a little TSA screening

I have a 4-year-old who hates to bathe. Shower – no! Bath – no! Garden hose and mud – yes! Swimming pool – probably!

So, before a recent flight to Oregon for summer vacation, I had to tell my best worst parenting lie ever. “Alan, before we can get on the airplane, we have to walk through a machine. And if we are not clean enough, they won’t let us on the plane.”

He willingly showered, while keeping his eye on the nearest exit at all time.

Fairly certain I’ll go straight to hell for that one, but sometimes, when you just gotta get the kids clean before the grandparents super-hug them, a momma gets desperate.

And guess what, it worked on the return flight as well!

(Photo Credit: saizdat911 – photobucket)


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