What the deck?

Our new house (can you believe we’ve been here a year already) had a mess of old bushes and landscaping in the front, and since we have about a dozen years of supervising our minions in the cul-de-sac, we figured we might as well have a comfortable place to watch. This is how the vision for the deck began. And this is how the construction process went.

Chris’s job: do all the brainwork, ordering,  measuring and sharp tool usage

Andy’s job: grunt, post hole digger, driller, holder

Holly’s job: keep the minions out of the way, deliver food, pre-driller, critic (self-assigned role)

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And then the neighbors began to show up… Luckily we have very helpful, intelligent neighbors with great tools. Without their help, we would probably still be sitting on the framework.

A few tips if you’re considering building your own deck. We picked the Evergrain composite material. If you’re building a ground-level deck, the special clips that hold the boards down without screwing them in from the top just won’t work unless you have about 100 extra hours to spend with your arms at very strange angles. The color is Evergrain’s Redwood. It matches the bricks on the front of our house perfectly.

And here is a picture of the final product: (insert picture of smiling kids sitting on the deck eating popsicles here)

Oh, wait, it still isn’t finished. What was supposed to be a single-weekend project is now on it’s fourth weekend. To be fair, we have been rained out every Saturday since the start, but really, we are so close! Maybe today?


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