Behind the scenes of a blog

In the time it takes to update this blog, a plethora of adventures happen behind my back. Here are a few of their favorites:

-Alan dumped a bottle of shampoo into the humidifier. The kid is a genius, how many other four year olds can invent a homemade bubble machine?

-Someone gave the baby a horse trough of  ranch sauce.

-Half a bag of mini-marshmallows disappeared from the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard. No wonder the baby still has kankles – but strong kankles, great for climing.

-Superman considered the fridge as a launching pad.

-And of course, marker fairy (aka Teresa) decided their faces were a little pale and colorless. At least they left the baby alone.


2 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of a blog

  1. Wow! Alan is really creative. I never would of thought to add shampoo to the humidifier. Enjoyed the work of the Marker Fairy, too.

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