No Worms in the House

Not really an unreasonable rule, is it? Unless you are two.

In this spring season in Fort Collins that has felt more like summer, this was our first rainy morning. The walk to the bus stop quickly became a worm hunt. Teresa stepped cautiously over them. Alan picked up as many as he could find and put them in the grass to save them from the cars. Sean screamed as the first one wiggled in his palm, then he couldn’t get enough.

By the time we got back home, the worms were escaping the hold of the giant two-year old by squeezing out the gaps in his chubby hands as fast as they could. And he was poking them back in as fast as any good worm herder should.

Once home, if he knew how to say and invoke the “Finders Keepers” rule, he would have. Unfortunately, I know how to use the “No Worms in the House” rule fairly proficiently. And mom’s rules always win (almost, usually, sometimes).

So, this is where he left his worms…

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9 thoughts on “No Worms in the House

  1. LOVE it! Especially, ” I know how to use the “No Worms in the House” rule fairly proficiently. And mom’s rules always win (almost, usually, sometimes).” Awesome. Love your writing style! 🙂

  2. Holly, in response to your email. Rachel and I have taken our ‘worms’ or rather vermipost bin out of the bedroom and keep it in the entry way and put them outside during the warmer months. Maybe just a few feet more than you allowed your (that’s a great photo with the worms right at the edge of the door.

    • Glad you are so considerate to let the worms get some fresh air for the summer. Teresa is learning about worms in kindergarten right now and tells me that they breathe through their skin. Who knew?

  3. Worms are great! Try them fried — the kids will love it. I kept worms in my mother’s refregerator to feed the bat in the garage. See what you have to look forward to!

  4. Haha, Pumpkin brought worms inside a few times when he was that age! We allow worms in the garage… we have a spare fridge where we keep a small bait box for fishing!

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