Easter – Pros and Cons

Pro: Jesus and his sacrifice for all

Con: Trying to explain it to a four and six year old. Why did God make Jesus die? Did he die yesterday? Is God going to die? How did he come alive again? Will Rochelle and Great Grama come alive again? Will I die? Is it the monsters or the dinosaurs that are all dead? Are the dinosaurs with Jesus in Heaven?


Pro: Easter Eggs – so fun to create and color with the beauty of our imaginations

Con: Easter Eggs – what to do with 18 hard boiled eggs this week? Deviled eggs, egg salad, egg tap fights… Glad that we don’t have any blood tests this week as our cholesterol levels would surely be eggselent.


Pro: Candy – “Look, Mom! More jelly beans!”

Con: Candy – “Are the kids asleep yet so I can eat their jelly beans?”


Pro: Coke – after 40 days without my mid-afternoon caffeine and sugar fix, Easter is finally here and I can enjoy a cold one (or two) on ice.

Con: Coke – I’m sure that my body, my teeth and my brain really don’t need it. And after a 40 day reprieve, I know I can survive without it. But I’m fairly sure it will quickly be part of my regular routine again.


Pro: Easter means spring is here. The lilac bushes, crab apple trees, pink tulips and yellow daffodils are beautiful all around Fort Collins.

Con: Spring allergies are here. Achooo!

And here are a few pictures of our Easter in Fort Collins to share with you.

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