Holly, Holly, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Besides getting out and about Fort Collins, we try to make the most of our home time and backyard adventures. Last summer we moved into our house in May and were too preoccupied with unpacking to think about a garden beyond a patch of sunflowers. But this summer we are ready to go. In March I picked a triangle corner of the yard, dug up the grass, poured in two bags of Home Depot dirt and we were ready for seeds. Friendly neighbors had shared the following advice, “stick with carrots and peas, you can’t go wrong.” And that is what we did. The kids helped me push the “Sweet Daddy Peas” seeds into the ground and cover up the straight row of carrot seeds with an inch of dirt. And here is what our garden looked like for two weeks…ImageImage

For two weeks we have been watering and waiting… And now, in the season of Easter, the season of rebirth, we have growth! The peas are about half an inch tall and the carrots are barely there, but they are popping. Every day the kids give me a growth report. “The peas are getting bigger and I can almost see the carrots now!”

And here are our beautiful peas…Image


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