Once upon a time…

passportI used to be a traveler – once upon a time. Ecuador, Costa Rica, Spain, England, Ireland, Isle of Man, Canada, Honduras, Belize… Backpack and bathing suit, guidebooks and Guinness. That was about all I needed.

Today, we travel a little heavier. Three car seats, one pack-n-play, endless diapers, milk, pretzels and other snacks that pretend to be healthy and a portable DVD player are all part of the crucial cargo. If we each pack two pairs of shoes, that is twenty shoes floating about the car.

Once upon a time hitchhiking in the back of a cheese truck seemed OK. Today, just thinking about a six-hour drive across the state of Colorado over spring break is scaring the diapers off our derrières. Fort Collins to Paonia – it will be six hours of amazing scenery and praying for someone to fall asleep, please. Six hours of playing twenty questions with a three-year old. “It starts with a ‘C’ and lives in the water and it might be brown.” What is it? A seal – of course. And six hours of being edited by a five-year old. “Does ‘seal’ really start with a C?” Hmmm.

So when I see that Conde Nast is giving away a $25,000 design-your-own dream trip, I can’t help but fantasize. Pick me, pick me, pick me! But what would they say when I showed up at the airport with my car seats, coolers and Crock wearing kids?

Are we there yet?


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