Stay Home Days

We don’t stay home all that often. I find that if we stay at home, my kids just fight over the same toys and ask to eat junk food all day. If we are out and about, they are observant, creative, caring towards each other and life is just happier for these reasons. But when we do stay home one of our favorite activities is Freeze Dance. First we have to clean up the living room (my favorite part), then we load up the Pandora website with a kids station and dance away. Even baby Sean gets into the swinging action. Great way to burn the sillies out on cold days.

My second favorite stay home day activity is, “Say it wrong.” I’ll read one of their favorite books and substitute my kids’ names for the real characters names, or just exchange silly words for the real ones. Works for songs too:

Baa Baa Blue Sheep

Old Daddy-o Had a Farm

Twinkle Twinkle Little Car

and my new favorite,

Jeremiah was a Giraffe, he was a good friend of mine, I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him drink his Kool-Aid. (which can be detrimentally more dangerous than wine when spiked properly).


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