YES! at the Library

Quiet and calm maybe, but to this mother, the library is a place where I can say, “YES.”

Once I read a parenting article that claimed parents argue with their preschoolers 128 times per day. In our house, many conversations go like this, “Put your shoes on.” “Stop pouring shampoo in the humidifier.” “Finish your breakfast.” “Pick up your blocks before I step on them again.” “Finish your lunch.” “Do not put that booger in my hair.” “Where are you boots?” “Finish your dinner.” And of course with the occasional please thrown in.

Yes, I’ve skimmed the table of contents in the Love and Logic Magic book and try to comply with their sound advice, but in every 24 hours, there are moments when I don’t feel like the cheeky, cheery choice-offering camp counselor. “Do you want me to go find your Superman cape so you can jump off the counter like a super hero or do you want me to bring your bed mattress down to the kitchen so you can make a full moon landing when you jump off the counter.” I am the mother, and when I say, “Get off the counter,” I expect results.

But at the library, it is a different story. “Yes, you can play with the puppets.” “Yes, that block tower is for knocking over.” “Yes, you can check out Ping because you like how Daddy does the duck voices even though we have it at home.” “Yes, you can put the books in the return slot and watch them disappear.” “Yes, you can dance and sing loudly during story hour.” “Yes, we can check out two copies of the same book so you can both read it at the same time.” “Yes!” “Yes!” “Yes!”


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