Summer is certainly gone…

It is January. Yesterday was 64 degrees and we pretended it was summer. Took a picnic to City Park, watched the ducks maneuver around the ice flows in the lake and then came home and ate orange popsicles in the backyard in our t-shirts.

Today we are back to winter. 22 degrees and so windy there are whitecaps on our toilet.

Summer flew by without even enough time to update the blog. But some of the majestic highlights were:

-Lots of sunny mornings at Picnic Rock on the Casche La Poudre River where the kids played in the sand and shallow water and enjoyed building bridges and dams in the lazy current.
-Teresa’s first team sport. She played on a girls soccer team this fall that was 6-on-6 on a shortie field without goalies. Lots of giggles and exercise.
-Read and Seed at Spring Creek Gardens offered fun and educational stories and art activities.
-The beach at Lake Loveland was splashing good on a hot day for a friend’s birthday party and a playdate with some Estes friends.
-The Larimer County Fair offer the kids their first view at a lumberjack show, mini-pig races (a first for me also), fair rides and cotton candy.
-Watching the City of Fort Collins repave our road and replace broken sidewalks right on our cul de sac.
-A great trip to Oregon to visit family at the end of July.
-Bought a used swing-set on Craig’s List and attempted to rebuild it after delivery. Works great now, but it was quite a process. Andy asked me to please not buy any more ‘projects’ for him to work on.
-Then bought a dining room table on Craig’s List that only needed a little sanding and revarnishing. Happy to be still married.
-And no summer is complete without slip-n-sliden tales with good neighbor friends.

And here are some pictures to round out the summer of 2011. Now, off to new adventures…

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