The Farm at Lee Martinez Park

Hey Grammas and Gigis – remembered the camera for this outing!

Started off rough, couldn’t find the park, arrived an hour before it opened, was windy and cold… But we managed to kill some time at the nearby playground. Kids were happy to be out and about.

The Farm at Lee Martinez Park is cool. Fun little area with 1 turkey, 2 cows, 3 sheep, 4 goats, 5 horses and several dozen chickens. For an extra $.25, you get a bag of grains that you can feed to the animals as you walk around. Sean liked the chickens since we could park his stroller right in front of the fence and they ran around right in front of his toes. Alan liked the turkey best – he was huge and had a blue head. Teresa enjoyed feeding the baby goats. She would hold out a handful of hay and they would take it out of her hand instead of the other animals who licked a lot! Alan’s other favorite thing was the water pump. Red and bright and functioning, hard to get a 3 year-old busy boy away from that one.

When you come and visit, we’ll definitely take you here!

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