The Diving Board

She did it. If you know Teresa, she is the kind of kid who I thought would look at the diving board, watch all the other kids do it, think about it some more, and then once we got home, she would say, “I want to do the diving board now.”

But she surprised me! She did one balk. Walked almost to the end, looked down, then retreated. After she watched a few more kids go, she decided she wanted to try again. Her skinny legs were shaking, her wet hair was dripping and she dropped herself right off. Certainly wasn’t a jump, but more of a controlled squat-fall. Then she swam right over to the edge like a pro (thank you Tristan and Becky), gave me a high-five and got in line again!

By the time we left the pool, she was running and can-openering off the end and she can’t wait to go back.

I’m kicking myself because I didn’t bring the camera for her first launch.


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