Day -12

In 12 days we will be in Fort Collins. New house, new neighbors, new schools, new playgrounds and new adventures are all awaiting us.

Blog goals:

  • Keep my brain and fingers working in a professional way, since I won’t be working any longer
  • Have a constant reminder of our first summer in Fort Collins and my first summer as a stay-at-home-mom

Fort Collins goals:

  • Create the best summer of our lives
  • Do something new everyday of the summer for 100 days in Fort Collins (can’t promise they will be extravagant, but everyday we’ll try and find something new to do)
  • Spend as little $ as possible as we try to be creative with our adventures
  • Make new friends (for the kids and the adults in our family)

That is about it – for the Grandma’s and Gigi’s in our life (who I anticipate will be the most regular readers), hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and come visit us soon!


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